Dog Files: Beauty, Not Brains

I haven’t posted any dog pics lately so here’s a treasure for you.  Bear and Jordan LOVE car rides.  But normally Bear lies down, hogging 85% of the backseat in my Honda.  Jordan is then stuck in the corner looking out the small window in the back.  But still, they get so excited to go. Go figure!

Normally Jordan is behind me and Bear is behind the passenger seat.  This is an important detail.  You see, my driver’s side window is messed up so I can’t put it down for her.  But this last time, somehow the two switched spots.

Car ride: BEFORE

So we’re going along and I put the passenger window down.  Jordan then makes a mind (and ear) – blowing discovery. She can stick her head kind of out the window and it feels really cool!  The sights, the smells, the wind in her golden hair…Ahhhh…bliss!

Ears Flappin'

Never mind that this is something every other dog on the planet already knows. I never said my sweet dogs were smart.

And just a side note, Bear hasn’t figured it out yet.  Shhhhh….Ignorance is its own form of bliss.  I can just see them fighting over their spot in the backseat.  Reminds me of car rides with my siblings as a child.

“Do I have to pull this car over?”

One response to “Dog Files: Beauty, Not Brains

  1. How adorable! Aunt Amber sends love to them both 🙂

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