Tutoring Agreement

Due to my elementary teaching experience, I truly have a desire to see children be and feel successful in the classroom.  This value applies to my tutoring relationships, as well.

As a result, I’m available to work with your child at least once a week if he/she is “on level” (grades K-2) or earning at least a C average (grades 3-12).  However, if your child is “below level” or earning less than a C average, I will work with your child a minimum of 2 days a week.  I have seen how quickly a child can get behind in the classroom.  To meet only one hour a week makes it very difficult for him or her to catch up, for us to gain momentum, and for your child to learn and practice new strategies with consistent support.  Your commitment to his or her tutoring is a valuable asset in helping your child overcome any learning gaps.

Concerning cancellations, please give me the most advanced notice possible.  I will gladly do my best to reschedule your child.  Just be aware that make-up sessions will depend on availability.

I offer 1:1 (one on one) tutoring, as well as 1:2 tutoring.  The 1:2 tutoring hour comes at a discounted rate.

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