2nd Grade

This Friday the thirteenth was a lucky day for me.  I got to spend the morning with 2nd grade classes, sharing my love for reading and writing.  A stellar audience, I went home energized and ready to revise.  I added a little of this and that…took away a word here and there.  I was a cook perfecting her recipe!

Take a look at the following illustrations these artists created based on my story, Not Your Ordinary Pet Detective (NYoPD): The Case of the Staring Contest.  Be sure to click on an image to open the gallery in full screen.

Mr. Gray’s Class

Mrs. McCarthy’s Class

Mrs. Bryant’s Class

Mrs. Baker’s Class


4 responses to “2nd Grade

  1. Neat! love Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! You’ve always been my biggest cheerleader and I love and appreciate you for that.

  3. Thanks Ms.Humphrey for the kind note. Achyut is very happy to receive it from you. I ws checking your website but did not get to see his work. Just for your kind note.

    Achyut, IIgrade, Mrs.McCarhty’s class

  4. His picture is now available to view. 🙂 Thank you!

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