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Monday and Wednesday I had the pleasure of reading to 9 different Kindergarten classes.  They were so sweet and I was pleased to see how well they understood the plot and enjoyed the characters.  I especially was excited at how many went home and were inspired to take a small moment of their own and turn it into a story.  These budding authors make me proud!  Some even wrote a sentence and labels to go with the picture.  View their illustrations below and don’t forget to click on an illustration to view in a full-screen gallery.

Mrs. Stroh’s Class

Ms. Campbell’s Class

Mrs. Satterwhite’s Class

Ms. Gaskamp’s Class

Ms. Elder’s Class

2nd Grade

This Friday the thirteenth was a lucky day for me.  I got to spend the morning with 2nd grade classes, sharing my love for reading and writing.  A stellar audience, I went home energized and ready to revise.  I added a little of this and that…took away a word here and there.  I was a cook perfecting her recipe!

Take a look at the following illustrations these artists created based on my story, Not Your Ordinary Pet Detective (NYoPD): The Case of the Staring Contest.  Be sure to click on an image to open the gallery in full screen.

Mr. Gray’s Class

Mrs. McCarthy’s Class

Mrs. Bryant’s Class

Mrs. Baker’s Class


Patsy Sommer Elementary Drawing

Thank you for letting me visit your school. I enjoyed reading my dog stories to each of the kindergarten, first, and second grade classes. You were a fabulous audience and an inspiration. I hope I also inspired you to use your author’s eyes and see the small moments that happen to you every day. They are just waiting for you to turn them into good great stories. I would love to hear from you. And just to prove it, I’m going to have a drawing.

NOTE: Put your FIRST NAME, GRADE, and TEACHER on anything you write, draw, or type. “No names” get no prizes.

How Do I Get My Name In The Drawing?

  1. Draw a picture to go with my dog story. Give it to your teacher and I will publish it in a gallery on this website. (Picture gets your name in the hat one time.)
  2. Leave a comment here on my website. Did you think of a different ending for my story? Do you want to see anything taken out or added? Revising is the key to making a good story GREAT! You should see some of my earlier “RUFF” drafts. Yikes—not good at all! (Each comment gets your name in the hat one time.)
  3. Did I inspire you to write a small moment of your own? If so, write that story at home and post it to the comment section of this website or email it to me at the email address you were given at school . (A story gets your name in the hat five times!)

I will hold the Patsy Sommer Elementary Drawing on Tuesday morning, April 24. Winners will receive their prizes at school at the end of that day. The total number of winners will depend on the amount of participation.

NOTE: Put your FIRST NAME, GRADE, and TEACHER on anything you write, draw, or type. “No names” get no prizes.

Be sure to have your parent help you use a computer to enter the drawing.  While you are here, take a look at Bear and Jordan’s biographies, too.  They each wrote a little about themselves.